Riding lesson – lucy’s

Well, it’s sunday 23rd of December and crimbo time yey bt jst about to have a lesson at Lucy’s house. oh no!!!!! she is drivin me crazy cos she wants to knoww wat her crimbo prezzie is!!!!!! i wont tell her. Lucy is da best……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………not


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Monday 23rd April-Tour posters

I think that the Scarlet Soho has a better layout and it is easier to read and understand although the colours make the band look like it might be boring.

The things that they bothe have in common is that they both have more than 1 date on them, the both have writing and they both have a black background. Also they both have atleast a line of writing in white

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Google bombing

The worst blog ever                                            

 The blog with the most hits in Shropshire

The best Blog in the world                                 

Darby’s Blog

the best pupils blog ever                                   

 A cool blog by me
My cool blog                                       

 Probably the best ICT teacher in the world                           

erm…………… gennny – world dominator yeah shes the quiet one at the back!!!!


 gorgeous person                                               

Faye’s Fabulous Blog                                  

 utterly no time to think                           

 PINK SUGAR                    

charleys blog
yvonne of the yukon

 Rodeo horris                                             

undiscovered princess   

BLACK BUTTER CUP                                

 Stay Moist!! 


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Protected: All About me 2

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Hey Again!!!!!!!

Hey 🙂

please leave me a comment check the rest of my site there really easy to make

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Hey Again!!!!!!!


Please leave me a comment to read check out wordpress.com. Blog’s are really easy to make. 🙂

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Hi we have been told to do this so her we go

For lunch on Saturday i had Tomato soup, Ham sandwiches, and An Apple cake

I had an 1 hour walk aswell

For tea i had fried rice and for Breakfast on saturday i had a Bacon sandwich

On sunday i had a bacon roll for breakfast, i then had a three hour ride on a crazy horse and then for lunch i had smoke Mackerel pate with 4 pieces of toast and For tea i had pork with Apple sauce, gravy, weetcorn, carrots, cabbage and then Chocolate cake and Blackmore Biscuits after with ice cream  

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Next few lessons!!!!!!!!!

Hi next lesson we have pse on da computers we are doing stuff using Questions(don’t have a clue) then we have Biology Luckily no tests today anyway got 2 go


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More Tests!!!!!!!!!

Hey guess what

Today we were told  we were going to have another test for Chemistry. To many at once or what!!!!!!!!!!! I’m forgetting everything!!!!!!!!!! 😦

We have so much Homwork aswell this is my latin vocab learning for a Test(note the word) next lesson

amicus – friend            ancilla – slave girl, Maid                   

cena – dinner               cibus – food                           

dominus – master       dormit – sleeps

intrat – enters              laetus – happy                                   

laudat – praises           mercator – merchant            

quoque – also                salutat – greets

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Hey again

Today we were told that we had another big Test for Spanish which is going to be the same day as a big maths test Help 😦

It’s not fair!!!!!!!!!!! We had a small Spanish test today and we had so much homework. In Physics we are doing about this Bimetallic strip thing which is really wierd and today there was a full day rehearsel for this school Play called the Forbidden Plante it is going to be really good and they were really Lucky to spend the whole day doing Drama anyway i’ve got 2 go and revise so


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