Hi we have been told to do this so her we go

For lunch on Saturday i had Tomato soup, Ham sandwiches, and An Apple cake

I had an 1 hour walk aswell

For tea i had fried rice and for Breakfast on saturday i had a Bacon sandwich

On sunday i had a bacon roll for breakfast, i then had a three hour ride on a crazy horse and then for lunch i had smoke Mackerel pate with 4 pieces of toast and For tea i had pork with Apple sauce, gravy, weetcorn, carrots, cabbage and then Chocolate cake and Blackmore Biscuits after with ice cream  


October 16, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. hendl1 replied:

    hey ema wikins it’s laura henderson! wot’s ur crazy horses called??? i hope ur ‘weetcorn’ was nice! lol

  2. Archl1 replied:

    lol laura…. its the weetcorn that gave her food poising that made her not come to skool 2day…………… seriously…. why were u off????? You’lll have 2 do spanish and maths after half term…. they were SO hard…. so glad they’re out the way……………………….. get ready 4 the first day back!!
    hope 2 c u 2moz…. but if not hav a wkd 1/2 term break!!!! lol xx

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